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Tracked Spider Boom Hire.

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Access Solutions, making the hire of tracked spider lifts affordable and reliable, when and where you require us. We provide a first class MEWP delivered to a location of your choice. We provide the service with a fully qualified IPAF operator, ensuring your safety is always at the forefront of operations.

Our machine is regularly serviced and cleaned ready for hire, we also carry out a pre delivery Inspection. Whether you require external or internal access, you can trust Access Solutions to provide you with a great machine.

We have the abilty to get you up in the air to where you need to be safely. We can reach heights of 15m (50ft) and take a load of up to 200kg (31st). With multiple 110v sockets to run tools from, we're sorted for power.

What really sets us apart from the competition is that our non marking tracked crane can fit through gaps of 79cm (31inch). So we can get through garden gates, up and down steps and slopes and into the back of properties.

The footprint of the machine once stabilised is 3m x 2.5m. 7.5m2. No waiting around for scaffolding to be set up and taken away. We can get in, get the job done and get out in a fraction of the time.

Tracked Spider Lift
Tracked Spider Lift

Get in touch today if you require further details or information on availability. Call us on 07564 779297 or email [email protected]